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The use of wire rope slings in oil drilling

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The working environment of the oil drilling exploration site is extremely harsh. The large-size wire rope sling for lifting is a special tool for lifting and lowering the derrick and base of the oil rig. It is a key accessory in the lifting system of the oil drilling derrick. Its overall performance requirements are strict. Especially the low temperature performance requirements are more stringent, generally meeting the requirement of -45 Celsius. The correct production process is the key to ensuring product quality. The manufacturing process of large-size steel wire ropes is divided into two parts: the manufacturing process of casting anchors and the casting process of large-size steel wire ropes. Casting anchorage is a machined part, for this reason, the relevant casting process of wire rope is worthy of attention.

There are two kinds of casting methods for large-size steel wire ropes: molten metal socket and resin fusion casting socket. Molten metal is usually used for sleeve connection, and the casting material is zinc copper alloy. Molten metal socketing process:
material preparation, inspection in the factory, pre-stretching, bundling, blanking, threading, loose head, cleaning, positioning, pre-heating, sealing, casting, cooling, anti-rust treatment,  inspection and test.

In addition, attention should be paid to the use of large-size steel wire rope slings for lifting:
1. Maintenance of large-size wire rope
1.The three main factors affecting the life of rigging are wear, corrosion and damage. Abrasion is related to the use times of large-size steel wire ropes, and corrosion is related to time and environment.

2.Large wire ropes should maintain good lubrication.

3.Check whether there are broken wires, crushing, excessive corrosion, etc. before using large-size steel wire rope slings.

4.he large-size steel wire rope is greased and wrapped in tarpaulin, coiled and placed in a dry place to avoid squeezing, twisting, and bending; avoid contact with corrosive substances such as acid, alkali, salt or mud; regularly; Lubricate the wire rope.

1.Bend, rust, or any other form of damage that causes the wire rope to twist.

2. Replacement of large-size steel wire rope for rigging. When any of the following situations occurs, the steel wire rope should be replaced.
2. There are 6 or more broken wires in the wire rope within 1 lay length.
3. There are 3 or more broken wires in one strand of the wire rope within 1 lay length.
4.Large-size steel wire ropes of light towers are not allowed to have any broken wires.
5.The open cast anchor is deformed, corroded, fractured, bent, worn or improperly used.
6.Observe the signs of kinks, rust, cuts, and mechanical damage.

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