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  • Sales Engineer 5

    Job Description:

      1. Develop new customers, establish customer information files, develop marketing plans, and complete sales performance

      2. Old customer maintenance

      3. According to market dynamics and customer needs, fully collect industry information, master competitors' marketing strategies, and organize market data.

      4. Provide technical consulting services to customers

      job requirements:

      1. 1 year shipbuilding, logistics, manufacturing industry sales experience or network promotion experience is preferred

      2. Ability to develop customers independently, independent personality, correct working attitude, organized, responsible and good communication skills

      3. Have a sense of service and be able to work hard

      4. Strong learning ability, willing to score in the field of lifting parts processing and manufacturing

      Salary: basic salary + rice supplement + car supplement + communication subsidy + commission, 6K ~ 2w

    Send resume to:sharon.wang@solarswr.com

  • Foreign trade salesman 2

    Job Description:

      1 The development of new customers and the maintenance of old customers, contact foreign customers, seek orders, and lead business negotiations and sign contracts;

      2 Through the foreign search engine, b2b, social media development chain hoisting products international market;

      3 Responsible for negotiation, contract signing, document review, order management, transportation, customs declaration, and collection of foreign trade orders;

      4 Responsible for the evaluation, tracking, management and risk control of foreign trade orders and foreign trade business processes;

      5 Responsible for the collation of customer data, and timely feedback and handling of customer requirements;

      6 Keep the customer's data and archives properly, collect, summarize and organize the information;

      job requirements:

      1 College degree or above, English level 4 or above, business English, international economic trade, marketing and other related majors.

      2 Understand foreign trade knowledge, understand the relevant processes of import and export of enterprises, and have more than 1 year working experience in foreign trade business.

      3 Be willing to challenge, have affinity, and be self-motivated.

      4 Experience in exporting stainless steel, lifting chain and lifting equipment is preferred

    Send resume to:sharon.wang@solarswr.com

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