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  Shanghai Solar Steel Wire Rope Co., Ltd. is a relatively strong and professional steel wire rope enterprise in Shanghai. The company has strong technical force, strict management system, professional sales concept and professional technical talents. It specializes in steel wire rope products and lifting solutions. The company that provides solutions and wire rope maintenance services provides professional products and services for marine engineering, shipbuilding, port, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, elevator lifting, machinery and other industries.

  The company has outstanding advantages of supplying high strength, high toughness, special thick and long special, special structure and special purpose, forming ship wire rope, petroleum wire rope, mining wire rope, extra large diameter steel wire rope, special steel wire rope, rope rope, bridge wire rope, Nine series of products such as steel strands and stainless steel wire ropes. According to customer needs, we can provide special products such as pre-tensioned wire rope, plastic coated rope, nylon wire rope and so on.

  Steel rope sling processing is another feature and strength of the company, including wire rope aluminum alloy joints, hand-inserted joints, alloy cast cable joints, jointless slings, knotted positioning cables and so on. All technical indicators have reached or exceeded the technical level of similar products at home and abroad. All productions are strictly implemented ISO7531, 8792, 8793 and GB6946-93 standards and other relevant standards, which are safe and reliable. In addition, we can provide customers with professional technical production and processing services that meet the actual needs of customers.

  We adhere to the business operation mode of business service, rapid logistics, digital management, sales scale, and product specialization, and serve you more professionally and better.

  We firmly believe that nothing is more important than safety, and safety is the foundation of industry.

  We offer you more than just products.

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