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The characteristics of different wire rope cores

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Different rope cores have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The fiber core wire rope is composed of a fiber rope in the middle. It is represented by the FC. Take fiber material as an example:

The function of the fiber core is to store oil, so that the oil on the surface of the wire rope can be refilled for a long time, and the wire rope is durable.
Lubricating oil is essential for steel wire ropes that are frequently used.
New steel wire rope fiber cores generally contain 12%-15% grease, and scrap steel wire ropes only contain 2.4% grease at the most depleted part.

The rope end of the same wire rope still contains 12.7% to 14.5% grease even if it does not pass through the pulley.

The test shows that the breakage of the oiled steel wire rope in the later stage of the test is about half of that of the unoiled wire rope.

The initial oil content of a steel wire rope can only maintain 40% of its life. If no oil is added, the wire breakage will increase sharply; the second is to replace the galvanized, aluminum and other special steel wire ropes for the harsh operating environment and alternate relative motion.

The galvanized or aluminum-plated surface of these steel wire ropes exposed to the atmosphere will form films of zinc hydroxide and aluminum hydroxide, which can effectively prevent steel wire corrosion.

The steel core wire rope is composed of one strand of wire rope in the middle. It is represented by the IWS or IWR.

Steel core steel wire rope is more wear-resistant, anti-extrusion, and has a higher service life than fiber core steel wire rope. The breaking force is greater, but the hardness is higher.

Because of wear resistance and compression, steel core wire rope is generally suitable for hoisting or winch.

The price of steel core wire rope is relatively higher than that of fiber core wire rope, but the service life and the environment of use are relatively better, so it is very important to choose whether to use steel core wire rope according to the actual use.

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